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    REAPER Plug-in Extensions are additional components which can add functionality to REAPER. These plug-ins are not plug-ins in the traditional "DAW" sense of plug-ins, in that they are not "Effect" plug-ins, but rather can do many of the following things:
    • Add support for reading/writing audio file types
    • Add support for external control surfaces (MIDI or otherwise)
    • Add support for importing other project formats
    • Add audio editor support for filetypes
    • Access many services provided by REAPER, including audio file read/write, audio hardware access, samplerate conversion, pitch shifting/time stretch, etc.
    • Many other things
    Extensions for REAPER/win32 should be written in C++ and compiled using MSVC (pure virtual interface classes are used and as such the C++ ABI must be compatible -- sorry, mingw users).

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    The source to the REAPER extension mini-SDK is now available via GitHub. The necessary header files are included, along with a couple of example plug-ins, and the source to some of REAPER's built-in plug-ins (such as the control surface plug-in and mp3 decoder).

    The very popular SWS extension is an open source project, and contains many excellent examples of how to do useful things with the REAPER Extension SDK.

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