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REAPER supports all Windows version from Windows XP to Windows 10.

The Windows version also works well with WINE.

REAPER supports all macOS X versions from 10.5* to 10.12.

Windows 32-bit
REAPER v5.32 - 9MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows 64-bit
REAPER v5.32 - 11MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 x64
OS X 32-bit
REAPER v5.32 - 14MB
OS X 10.5-10.12
OS X 64-bit
REAPER v5.32 - 16MB
OS X 10.5-10.12
REAPER 5.32: Laterally Stiff and Vertically Compliant
  • add optional spectral peaks display, colored by pitch/tonal content
  • add peaks display settings window
  • add sinc interpolation display option for sample-level peaks
  • fix issue where rebuilding peaks would not rebuild when multiple peaks files are present
  • add preference for pre-fader track metering with action to toggle
  • add "remove" button to tuplet dialog
  • add action to identify chords on grid
  • add support for manually entering chord notation
  • include user-defined chords (loaded from MIDI editor key snap dropdown) when identifying chords
  • add support for more note ornaments, techniques, types of slur, and per-note text notation
  • reduce clutter when drawing voiced notes, rests, ties, and ornaments
  • actions to change or select note voice affect tuplets
  • fix chord notation sometimes not being visible immediately after entering
  • fix crescendo/diminuendo that spans multiple rows
  • fix erratic tuplet bracket positioning on grand staff
  • fix potential hang in MusicXML export
  • fix setting one half of grand staff to +/- 8/15 va/vb (up or down one or two octaves)
  • hopefully less intrusive edit cursor drawing
  • improve tuplet autodetection
  • increase space between staves
  • note notation events may follow notes rather than preceding, may affect user scripts/plugins that read notation messages, best script practice would be not to assume any ordering
  • prevent grabbing the note edge when the note is very small
  • support "chart" clef (no notes, just beat markings and chord/other notation)
  • support copying/dragging notes to another staff row or track
  • support track notation that applies to a length of time (drag right hand edge of notation)
  • tuplet dialog remembers previous settings
  • when creating tuplets in a voice, set selected note voice to match even if not modifying note positions
  • add action to set length for next inserted note to grid
  • add mouse modifiers to insert note ignoring scale/key
  • add option to edit velocity only when mouse is within velocity bar
  • add some notation actions to piano roll note context menu
  • better support for cut/copy/paste of MIDI events from/to multiple tracks
  • display notation meta-events in a lane in the piano roll
  • edit text/sysex events on right-click, rather than deleting
  • faster loading of very large .reascale files
  • fix display of captured CC event value
  • fix various cases when note edits extend the media item
  • ignore double note-on or note-off messages when opening editor
  • improve .ins (patch/bank) file reading
  • respect event filter and mark selected events in raw MIDI viewer window
  • show toolbar button feedback for actions to set next note length
  • support loading custom CC names from note name map
  • don't play back notation for muted notes
  • preserve muted events during glue
  • add new improved default quality mode (previous behavior is now legacy 2007-2016 mode)
  • decreased CPU use
  • allow up to 32M memory slots for each EEL script
  • ensure IDE is not completely offscreen when opening
  • fix issue when recording in background tab and record preroll in the active tab
  • fix varispeed item recording quirks
  • fix corner case with time selection autopunch recording
  • do not apply unedited text fields when enter is not pressed
  • improve behavior when adding tempo markers from BPM field
  • improve behavior of video processor bypass automation
  • include fullscreen state in screensets
  • restore fullscreen state on re-open if window not docked
  • upgrade to WavPack 5.0
  • improve large file reading support
  • support configurable HiDPI behavior in prefs/general/advanced, new default behavior prevents plug-ins from enabling HiDPI
  • fix knob issues on Win10 HiDPI displays
  • improve knob behavior when adjusted from touch input
  • ignore item/track/envelope focus in 'Item: Select all items'
  • fix auto-mute detection on high channels when multichannel track metering is enabled
Configuration import/export
  • support web interface pages
Free item positioning
  • reposition items after dragging in new media items or gluing
  • improve retina/hidpi support for various analysis plug-ins
  • add option to improve knob behavior with pen/tablet/absolute pointing devices
  • fix parsing of elements containing HTML entities
Project tabs
  • allow setting media online when switching tabs and background projects are playing
  • include modified envelopes in undo states when modifying time map
  • add PCM_Source_GetPeaks, GetMediaItemTake_Peaks
  • add an additional sorting step to MIDI_Sort and other functions that sort MIDI from API

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