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REAPER supports all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10.

The Windows version also works well with WINE.

REAPER supports all macOS X versions from 10.5* to 10.13.

Windows 32-bit
REAPER v5.90 - 9MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows 64-bit
REAPER v5.90 - 11MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 x64
OS X 32-bit
REAPER v5.90 - 14MB
OS X 10.5-10.13
OS X 64-bit
REAPER v5.90 - 16MB
OS X 10.5-10.13
REAPER 5.90: If It Breaks, Kenny Broke It
Changelog items below may include links to more information.
MIDI editor
  • 14-bit CC editing fixes
  • allow screensets to save/load editability of individual media items
  • allow scroll-left actions to scroll past item start but not project start
  • avoid double-drawing many updates
  • change default editor selection link options, may change options in existing installations
  • do not include end-of-item all-notes-off in list of channels that contain data
  • faster updating when using hand scrolling
  • fix 14-bit CC editing in event properties
  • fix drawing issues at extreme zoom/time combinations
  • fix various issues with show only used/named notes
  • fix maximize state incorrectly being reset
  • fix next/previous note navigation/selection issues
  • fix pasting to secondary editable items that are looped
  • fix pasting to secondary items that start before active item
  • fix restore of macOS menu after renaming note
  • fix secondary editor zoom inconsistency with different PPQN settings
  • fix zoom-selection with secondary items at earlier time
  • improve behavior with multiple pooled items as secondary editable items
  • improve copy/paste behavior with multiple contexts editable on multiple tracks
  • improve start position accuracy when quickly painting new notes
  • improve undo messages on various lane edits
  • improve behavior when opening multiple items at once
  • improve behavior with hidden parent tracks
  • when loading note names from recent list, merge with current note names when holding shift key (feature lost in v5.0)
  • properly enable menu option for cut/copy with CCs/Text/SysEx selected
  • fix adjacent note deleted on paste bug
  • prevent event sorting from sometimes destroying notes
  • fix potential deadlock issues with crop/delete active take and MIDI editor open
  • add edit modes to move selected inputs directly towards or away from a specific speaker
  • add per-input channel controls to reverse (mirror) edits
  • add relative speaker influence mode
  • change default 9.1 channel order to match SMPTE (existing projects are not affected)
  • hold down control key to override reverse/mirror edits when moving inputs with the mouse
  • hold shift key for faster edit, control key for slower edit
  • in relative mode, prevent bleed into speakers at opposite edges of the space
  • initialize arrangements with speakers closer to the edge of the space
  • restrict edits to the visible space
Automation items
  • allow pasting of points into existing items
  • avoid setting point shape to square when FX is offlined
  • improve behavior when copy/pasting overlapping media items
  • create a new automation item when pasting points in AI-only mode
  • fix arrange view updating when removing bands that have automated parameters
  • fix automated band behavior for first block after stop
  • fix undo when removing bands that have envelopes
  • support NamedConfigParm BANDTYPEx and BANDENABLEDx
  • coalesce send volume/pan automation additions via action
  • defer undo point for single-click media item selection
  • flush any latent undo states before project save
  • improve cursor position undo point behavior
  • notify MIDI editor/Project Bay from various item selection change actions when item selection undo is disabled
  • add compatibility setting to flush VST3 buffers with hard vs soft reset
  • fix state saving for bypassed/take FabFilter VST3
  • when forcing VST3 bus channel count, immediately reinitialize plug-in I/O
  • improve compatibility by resetting/re-initializing plugins only from main thread
  • prevent hanging notes when resetting plugins on loop
Live FX multiprocessing
  • improve performance with folder tracks that have PDC
  • process receives similar to folders
  • remove old logic for reducing worker threads when not using anticipative FX processing
  • make automatic worker scheduling mode slightly more aggressive
  • reduce underruns when repositioning the edit cursor soon after stop
Take envelopes
  • fix snap behaviors when inserting new point via shift+click
  • transform MIDI take envelopes when modifying time map
  • fix selection behavior for various "Item edit: item under mouse cursor" actions
Audio Units
  • improve compatibility by resetting/re-initializing plugins only from main thread
Dynamic split
  • fix corner case where audio is muted when the gate should open [p=kenny]
  • clear old point selection when duplicating points via mouse modifier
  • do not round glued MIDI to audio samples
  • fix incorrect clip indicators with +0dB maximum range
MIDI recording
  • auto-add of time-selection length MIDI items obeys new MIDI item looping preference
  • set doctype correctly on timewise export (which is not supported by many programs)
  • fix paste with more than 32 empty tracks between items (existed since 2005)
  • improve position calculation logic
  • fix render preset dither when loading all settings
  • allow mapping double-click to no action
  • improve snap/grid consistency with snap/grid settings linked
Spectral editing
  • fix storage/application of very low compression thresholds
  • re-open peaks when re-enabling audio for video item
Virtual MIDI keyboard
  • pass through most shift-modified keys to main window
  • TrackFX_AddByName/TrackFX_GetByName/etc can take VST2:/VST3:/VST:/AU:/JS:/DX: prefixes
  • add ReorderSelectedTracks()
  • SetEnvelopePointEx() will propagate envelope item changes when not modifying point time and nosort=false
  • SetTrackSelected() notifies various windows of state change
  • Undo_EndBlock() with empty string uses first item in block if available

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