Read more about REAPER's audio, MIDI, and technical details.
Feature Highlights

Format Flexibility
  • Drag and drop to import any supported media format
  • Freely mix source audio of any format and sample rate with no offline conversion necessary
  • Full support, including rendering, of multichannel (greater-than-stereo) audio formats
  • Source audio containing tempo or beat slice location information is automatically imported at project tempo, spaced properly, and pinned to beat locations
  • Record, glue, and render directly to any supported format

Recording and Routing
  • Any track can record audio or MIDI input, or record that track's processed audio or MIDI output
  • Tracks can have as many as 64 individually routable channels for easy support of multi-out virtual instruments, parallel FX processing, sidechaining, and submixes
  • Any track can function as a track, bus, or bus folder - any signal can be sent anywhere else
  • Unlimited parallel sends to other tracks or hardware outputs
  • Sends can be fully configured: audio, MIDI, before or after FX and track controls, volume/pan/phase

Advanced Options
  • Built in pitch shifting using user-selectable algorithms, including Elastique 2 Pro
  • Configurable automatic pitch correction when time stretching
  • Optionally bounce mixed output live to disk, for those "I need to be recording this!" moments
  • Automatic gapless file switching to avoid 2GB/4GB filesystem limits
  • Very high quality native dither and noise shaping algorithms for the best possible final render